This is the third public art mural for the TYLER VILLAGE Parking lot. It is also the largest one. I was able to complete it in a couple of weeks using mostly ladders, long poles and a ton of great paint from Sherwin Williams. This is the location for the CLEVELAND FLEA, so pretty excited to have it finished just in time for the last couple of summer fleas. My studio, Megalis Studio is also in TYLER VILLAGE, so I was honored and very excited when the great people of Tyler Village Michelle and Dave approached me about doing the murals. Long live street art!!!


Megalis Murals at Tyler Village, Cleveland

I was commissioned recently to produce several murals on the buildings on Tyler Village on E 36th and Superior, Cleveland, Ohio. The larger mural will be completed in the Spring of 2019. This is the site of the famous Cleveland Flea that attracts thousands of visitors. Thank you Graystone for asking me to put my art on your landmark structures.



TIGER, the making of

A CHOOLAAH commissioned piece of artfor their Virginia location.  A permanent public installment. "Tiger" is a mixed media piece of art comprised of wood, metal, burlap, paper, sand paper, enamel paint and oil sticks. The piece is 37x38 inches with a dept of approximately 2.5 inches.

Completed Jan 2017.

Megalis illustrates new kids menu boxes for Choolaah

Some fun stuff!

Some my funky line drawings and weird characters are featured on the new kids box for the Choolah Indian BBQ restaurant. 

It was great to work with Jay Nesbitt from Wholesome International who said the space at Choolaah was inspired by art museums. He gave me lots of room to play and hopefully I will be doing more art for Choolaah in the near future. 

Here's the box flat. Try to imagine it folded! I will post  picture when I get  a box.